Prayer Request

Anne Cuff, April 5, 2020 - 12:15 pm

Thank you for a wonderful Service toda, Palm Sunday! And the surprising, almost shocking, idea, that Hosanna means Help!
Much to think about. My prayer today is for my own children, my son JP, who is suffering from a severe sinus infection that we had to think might be worse (!) – but now seems better – and for my daughter Helen, and husband John, who has been going into Wound Care three times a week, and who can no longer have Helen go in with him – very hard for both of them – but he is slowly improving. – CBD has brought him some relief –
And of course I am sending prayers for our country, for our struggling government, and for the thousands affected by the Corona virus – God, we need SO much help! Here, and across the world – Thank you for hearing my prayer – Hosanna, Amen