Panther Valley Ecumenical Church was founded in 1969 and created this Membership Covenant:
We, a gathering of the people of God, celebrating the one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, seeking in faithfulness to unite under the Gospel for Christ’s mission and service to the world, covenant to seek the development of Christian unity and community.
In joining together in this covenant we take upon ourselves these responsibilities:
  • To be involved in this Church through participation in its program, underwriting its support with our substance, and through the commitment of our abilities to its mission;
  • To grow in a living, working faith so that we will be sensitive to each other’s needs and equipped to meet them;
  • To be sensitive to new forms of worship and Church;
  • To involve ourselves in the most pressing needs of our society, thereby making real the redemptive role of Christ’s Church;
  • To include in our vision the world-wide concerns of the Christian faith;
  • To welcome to our fellowship all people whatever their race, condition, ethnic origin, or religious denomination;
  • To witness corporately and individually to our faith in Jesus Christ
  • We assume these responsibilities to the end that the Lord Jesus Christ, who made us one body under one covenant, sealed by his own blood, may have his prayer answered,

“That they may all be one”