As we are unable to gather together we invite you to join us for a time of wonder!
Watch – Imagine & Wonder – Feast
Watch: We invite you to watch these videos and participate in Godly play with your children.
The videos tell stories of God and God’s people. 
Imagine & Wonder: Following the video encourage your child to respond in some way to the story. Drawing, talking, writing, and/or asking questions. 
Feast: We then invite you to feast with your child. Share a glass of water and a piece of fruit. Feasting isn’t about what you eat but about who you are eating with!
In Godly play we are encouraging you to imagine and wonder.
In Godly play there are no right or wrong answers

Sunday School at PVEC
Here is what to expect:
 10:30am Children will meet downstairs to be signed in.
(It is extremely important that all children are signed in and out each week).
We have 3 Sunday School Classrooms
Birds – (4th – 6th grades)
Bees – (1st – 4th grades)
Frogs – (pre-K and Kindergarten).
The Birds will then be escorted upstairs to sit together for the beginning of service,
about 11:00am they then go downstairs with their teacher to their classroom.
The Bees and the Frogs meet in their classroom to explore their topic.
At 11:45am we head to fellowship Hall, joining our caregivers, for food & fellowship.
Please see Sarah & Dan Ledwith or Pastor Ninabeth if you have any questions.
2019 Sunday School Program
What Would Jesus do
Across the grade levels we will explore the life of Jesus.
We will start with the birth of Jesus
2018 Sunday School Program
God in Media
Join us as we discover God’s lessons and love in our Media today.
We will meet up with some of your kids favorite TV and movie characters and singers.
Along the way we will learn lessons on love, giving a helping hand, and finding God’s grace.
Let’s go on an adventure together this year and find our Lord all around us!
Our 2017 Sunday School Class
had fun
exploring Dr. Seuss!